Saturday, February 09, 2008

Funk for your Trunk Luggage Tags

Funk for your Trunk aka Luggage Tags! Trendy and Colorful Luggage Tags, IDs, and Whatnots that will make your Luggage STAND OUT from the rest!

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Have you ever noticed, when you are standing there at the luggage carousel in some large international airport that all the luggage looks the same? Hey, why does everybody have a BLACK bag? Has there ever been the time when you've had to wrestle your bag away from some other weary traveler who thought your bag was his? Well, I can honestly report that this has happened to me only one time--and I have red luggage!

Lately, I've been searching for new luggage tags, IDs, belts and other such accessories and am totally amazed at the variety available! There are classic and funky, chic, neon, leather, and some whimsical and funny to name just a few! I even found a Hermes orange leather luggage tag on eBay selling for $444.00! Wow--that's more than I want to pay for a suitcase.

Well, I think a luggage tag--for us women--can be like a handbag! As luggage tags can be very affordable, why not have a variety so that you can customize your luggage to reflect how you feel, what you're wearing, or where you're traveling? For example, if you are going on an island-hopper vacation, how about the luggage tag shown here? I authored the original Squidoo lens on luggage tags and IDs, you know?

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