Sunday, October 01, 2017

Blogarama Content Scraper

This is my second blog post today discussing a blog directory content scraper or content thief. Earlier today, I published a blog post on another blog directory content scraper, BlogCatalog. This herein, "copyrighted" blog post puts the notorious spotlight on Blogarama for their scraping of my copyrighted content including images.

I've already said this ... that it is more than concerning how some websites will just plain STEAL your copyrighted content and copyrighted images and make you think it is OK. Calling yourself a blog catalog or blog directory does not make it OK to take without the author's permission their entire blog post with images to post on their website.

Normally, a reputable blog catalog or directory website will ask you if you would like to have your blog included first. Then, after you have granted permission to feature your blog, the blog catalog or directory will share SNIPPETS or an acceptable summary of your copyrighted blogs posts with a link to the ORIGINAL blog post where you can read more and see the original. They will not steal your entire blog post along with all the images to put on their site! That is essentially content theft.

It appears Blogarama is taking my entire blog posts and copyrighted images as soon as I publish them. This illegal practice needs to cease and desist – they do not have my permission to steal my content so blatantly! A reputable website will not steal your work and create duplicate content [that is not theirs] to submit to Google and other search engines to index as theirs.

#1 - This DMCA Take Down Notice concerns my Topicability blog. A description of the copyrighted work: My copyrighted images and entire Google blog posts from Topicability:

Blogarama Content Scraper of Topicability Copyrighted Content
Blogarama Content Scraper of Topicability Copyrighted Content
#1 - The unauthorized and infringing images and blog post can be found at:

#2 - This DMCA Take Down Notice concerns my JaguarJulie Ann Brady blog. A description of the copyrighted work: My copyrighted images and entire Google blog posts from JaguarJulie Ann Brady:

Blogarama Content Scraper of JaguarJulie Ann Brady Copyrighted Content
Blogarama Content Scraper of JaguarJulie Ann Brady Copyrighted Content
#2 - The unauthorized and infringing images and blog post can be found at:

I had been very busy dealing with all the content thieves on Amazon that were stealing hundreds of my copyrighted designs from my three Zazzle stores to sell as theirs on Amazon. It was well over a year of continuous reporting and finding the same designs popping up again and again with new sellers there who appeared to be mostly from China.

So, I finally seemed to catch up with the thievery on Amazon to next find a site named Pinsdaddy who has stolen hundreds of my copyrighted images to use on their website. But, worse that just using my copyrighted images, they are suggesting these images are stock images that are free to download and use by the reader. Good Grief!! Houston, we have a problem.

I'm still dealing with DMCA Take Down Notices against Pinsdaddy and have now begun to focus on the blog directories, filing first a DMCA Take Down Notice against BlogCatalog. And, today, filing against a blog directory site of Blogarama. I would say Blogarama seems to be much more concerning as they are literally stealing my content as I publish it!!!

As I've said previously, I would think Google can determine that this type of content thievery is happening. What the heck? It does involve Google blogs after all. Particularly concerning is to find my copyrighted image taken from my Google blog appearing in Google image searches as attributable to the scraper blog directories! Hey -- wrong! Google needs to penalize these content thieves now and bar them from future privileges.

UPDATE: DMCA Take Down Notices

#1 - DMCA Take Down Notice to Host :
Compliance Department
Thank you for contacting Bluehost.
We are in receipt of your email regarding This website is hosted elsewhere and we have no control over the website or its content. Any issues regarding the content of the website will need to be addressed either directly to the owner of the site or to the hosting provider (who should be in a position to assist you with your concerns).
Currently, it appears that the hosting provider for this website is: Linode, LLC
#2 - DMCA Take Down Notice to Host :
Linode Abuse
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The domain in question is hosted behind CloudFlare’s reverse proxy service:
$ dig +short
$ whois | grep -i ‘orgname'
OrgName: Cloudflare, Inc.
$ whois | grep -i ‘orgname'
OrgName: Cloudflare, Inc.
As such, we cannot currently identify if this material is being hosted on our platform. To properly address this complaint, we ask that you submit your report to CloudFlare directly and use the 'notify ISP' option. This will direct CloudFlare to forward your complaint along with the proper identifying information for us to address this. Let us know if you have any questions.
#3 - DMCA Take Down Notice to Host :
Thank you for reporting a suspected violation of our Terms of Service.
Please be assured that we document and investigate every report, and will take appropriate enforcement action. This may be the only response you receive regarding your report. Due to the large volume of reports we receive, it is not possible for us to send a personal response to every report. 
When reporting security incidents, please include source and destination addresses with ports in plain text format and accurate time stamps.
Cloudflare offers network service solutions including a reverse proxy, pass-through security service and a content distribution network (CDN). Cloudflare is not a hosting provider, and we do not have access to our customer's content.
Our Terms of Service is located here:
Thank you for using Cloudflare.


Kevin Ashton said...

Julie, I totally agree with you, I had a very similar bad experience with Blogarama. They took my whole posts and photos without my permission.

I fought back hard, not just with DMCA take down notices but I also used social media (facebook,twitter, pinterest, reddit, sitejabber and more) to keep mine and other similar complaints about Blogarama on google page one, in the hope they dissuade people from signing up to them.

I found the most effect vehicle to get a post onto Google page 1 is G+ (tag it with #blogarama #plagiarism #theft #breachofcopyright #DMCA.

I also wrote a post on My Grumpy Old Men blog you and your readers might find useful.

Another bad side effect of plagiarism is in the short term it can knock your own original versions down the google rankings, particularly once the stolen versions are removed from search engines.

Julie Ann Brady said...

Kevin!!! Deja vu I think with this crazy content scraper Blogarama ... and BlogCatalog too!! I'll add those tags to my Google G+ post; thanks for the tip. I am glad that YOU also wrote a blog post about these people. I don't know where they get off thinking they can take you entire content -- copy and images -- to put on their sites. It's kind of nuts. And, a sense of ignorance as they probably THINK they are doing us original writers a favor.

Felicia said...

Hi, I need help with regards to the same. Blogarama has been using my posts and pictures. I have filed for a DMCA Complaint but it was rejected. Can you please guide me as to what to do?

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