Saturday, September 02, 2017

Awful Tasting Coffee Review

I recently purchased two different packages of ground coffee from my local Bealls Outlet that turned out to be some awful tasting coffee -- Dark Chocolate Decadence 100% Arabica Coffee by Coffee Masters and Michael's Gourmet Coffee Hawaiian Kona Blend Arabica Ground Coffee.

awful tasting coffee from bealls outlet
Michael's Gourmet Coffee Hawaiian Kona Blend Arabica Ground Coffee
Dark Chocolate Decadence 100% Arabica Coffee by Coffee Masters
Both of these ground coffees cost $4.99 a package with compare at prices of $8.00 and $7.00. I guess I am happy I didn't pay the compare prices.

Dark Chocolate Decadence 100% Arabica Coffee by Coffee Masters
What the package says about Dark Chocolate Decadence - "Our fine coffee is wonderfully flavored with buttery rich dark Belgium chocolate." I would agree that the package of coffee does have a distinct chocolate fragrance that smells like a Hershey's chocolate bar. And, the brewed coffee definitely has a chocolate flavor.

Reading further on the package, "if your tap water is distasteful due to hardness or treatment, consider using bottled water." Ah, that must be part of the problem?? I should have tried brewing a cup using some bottled water.

The chocolate taste of the hot coffee was interesting. I wouldn't say it was bitter, but I had an odd after-taste. With each sip, I kept thinking that I would prefer a hot chocolate and not a hot chocolate coffee. I more appreciated sniffing the package than drinking a cup of this brewed coffee.
Michael's Gourmet Coffee Hawaiian Kona Blend Arabica Ground Coffee

What the package says about Michael's Gourmet Coffee - "Michael searches the world over for the finest Arabica beans from the premier growing regions of the Americas, East Africa, Arabia and the Pacific Tropics."

When I first brewed this coffee, I had just finished off a package of Kauai Coffee Coffee, Ground, Dark Roast, Koloa Estate that I purchased at my local Publix. The Michael's Gourmet Coffee Hawaiian Kona Blend did not even come close with the flavor. It had a more awful taste than the Dark Chocolate Decadence.

Checking the package, it also suggests bottled water for best results! Who knew? I don't think I've ever used bottled water for my coffee unless maybe while on vacation in Mexico?

The flavor of this brewed coffee fell flat for me. The package says to use 2 tablespoons for 8 ounces of water which is what I did. Interesting that the Dark Chocolate Decadence suggests 1 tablespoon for 6 ounces of water.

My final taste test was to try half and half of these two coffee blends when brewing that cup of coffee. I definitely tasted the Dark Chocolate Decadence over the Hawaiian Kona Blend in that cup of coffee.

In my taste-testing, I also varied the creamer to try Coffee-Mate vs a Publix non-dairy creamer. It didn't seem to make any difference on the type of taste ... all cups of coffee I brewed had an awful tasting coffee.

The type of coffee that I normally drink is Seattle's Best Coffee Level 5 which is a dark and intense French roast. I don't do Maxwell House or Folger's coffees, but if those are the types of coffees you like, you might like the Michael's Gourmet Coffee.

There was an episode on the Today Show reviewing the best-tasting coffees. A variety of coffees from Ethiopia were touted on having the best tastes. Those packages of coffee were definitely a lot more expensive than $4.99 -- up to 3 times more a package! I've tried an Ethiopian coffee bean in the past and been satisfied with the taste. I think that will be the next "exotic" coffee I try to find locally.

I just went shopping at Publix and bought a package of Seattle's Best Coffee Post Alley Level 5, a dark roast that is smooth-roasted. It is a 100% Arabica coffee smoky and intense French roast with a "wonderfully smooth" side. That's what I had this morning with my Coffee-Mate. Now, this was a wonderful tasting cup of coffee.

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