Sunday, September 08, 2013

Kigurumi Animal Costumes and Pajamas

This year I found my tastes have changed a bit when thinking about Halloween Costumes. When I first spied the Kigurumi Animal Costumes and Pajamas, I thought, "what a great multipurpose and practical clothing item!"

I've picked a few of the Kigurumi cosplay animal onesies that I wouldn't mind wearing myself. These pajama onesies are great for youngsters to oldsters and every age in between. An additional bonus is that they fit a variety of body types! Why not have a Halloween pajama party with a sleepover!

Halloween Costumes Animal Onesie Adults Kigurumi Pajamas Cosplay
Corgi Kigurumi - Adult "Corgi Dog" Fancy Dress Costume
Fierce Yellow Tiger Kigurumi - Adult "Angry Tiger" Halloween Costumes Pajama

Frog Kigurumi - Adult Halloween Costume
Fox Kigurumi - Adult Halloween Costume
Giraffe Kigurumi - Adult Halloween Costumes (Giraffe Cosplay)

Gloomy Bear Black Kigurumi - Adult Pajamas Fancy Dress
Pink Unicorn Kigurumi - Onesie Pyjamas - Kigs Animal Costume for Adults
Owl Kigurumi (All Ages Costume)

The Practical Features:

  • 100% original: Direct from Sazac, the creator of Kigurumi in Japan!
  • Machine washable: High quality fiber comfortable to wear and wash.
  • Material: Fleece of 100% polyester; holds its shape.
  • Size: 5'5"- 5'9" or 165-175 cm approx.
  • Length: 59" or 150 cm approx.
  • Chest: 51" or 128 cm approx.
It was not an easy task to just select these nine costumes from the lot. It is worthy of looking at the rest of the selection of Kigurumi Costumes and Onesies from Amazon.

I honestly think that the creativity and practicality of these adorable Halloween Costumes will make them the top best Halloween Costumes of 2013 and years to follow!

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