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Zsolnay Hungary Eosin Cat Porcelain Figurine

One of my favorite cat figurines from my porcelain collection is the Zsolnay Hungary Eosin Cat Porcelain Figurine. It is an art deco piece with the beautiful iridescent green eosin glaze.

Zsolnay Hungary Eosin Cat Porcelain FigurineZsolnay Hungary Eosin Cat Porcelain Figurine
Zsolnay Hungary Eosin Cat Porcelain FigurineZsolnay Hungary Eosin Cat Porcelain Figurine

What is so special about this cat figurine, other than the eosin process, are the cutouts. Take a closer look at the pictures and you can see from the side views the cutout details. The prominent colors are green with gold and a hint of blue iridescence. It measures 9-1/4 inches by 2-3/8 inches by 1-7/8 inches.

Zsolnay Hungary Eosin Cat Porcelain Figurine Closeup

Zsolnay Porcelain Marks
Zsolnay Hungary Eosin Cat Porcelain Figurine Marks

Image of the Zsolnay Building

The porcelain marks are inside the base of the figurine. They are stamped in a goldish iridescent color. This is a pretty difficult picture to capture as the marks are viewable as you gently move the base back and forth to view. Look closely at the bottom center of the opening.

You can find this beautiful figurine for sale at Klugex.com as Zsolnay Eosin Deco Cat Figurine. It is item #ZS5066 and sells for $74.95. I found only one of these in the green eosin glaze being offered on eBay. That listing was for a bit more i.e. $97.95.

About Zsolnay Eosin

In 1853, the Zsolnay factory was established in Pécs, Hungary by by Miklós Zsolnay. The process of producing porcelain made of eosin was introduced forty years later, in 1893. The origin of the term eosin comes from the Greek eos which means flush of dawn. The first eosin pieces produced bore a red iridescence, with other colors to follow. Many art nouveau artists used the eosin process for their pieces.

Zsolnay Books:
  • Zsolnay Ceramics: Collecting a Culture (Schiffer Book for Collectors) - Zsolnay ceramic art from Hungary, featuring over 400 color photographs, covers the three main periods of Zsolnay production.
  • Hungarian Ceramics from the Zsolnay Manufactory, 1853-2001 - There are photographs of some 200 objects and designs as well as a selection of 50 archival photographs from throughout the manufactory's years of production.
  • Zsolnay Art Pottery | The Gyugyi Collection - This hardcover book is both a catalog and a scholarly guide. A great gift for Art Nouveau and decorative art lovers.
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