Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hollohaza Vintage Ducks Figurine

Check out this pair of quackers! It's a pair of adorable white ducks. The Hollohaza Vintage Ducks Figurine is quite sweet. You may think of these as two love birds or a couple of white geese. You can clearly see that these are a loving pair of birds! This would be a great gift for your love mate!

Hollohaza Vintage Ducks FigurineHollohaza Vintage Ducks Figurine
Hollohaza Vintage Ducks FigurineHollohaza Vintage Ducks Figurine

This porcelain figurines measures 4 inches by 3-3/4 inches at the widest.

Hollohaza Hungary Porcelain Marks:
Hollohaza Vintage Ducks Porcelain Marks

Image of a Green Fir Tree


The porcelain marks are stamped in green on the bottom side of the base of the porcelain figurine. The number 10 is written in red.

When reading the "1831," some have mistakenly interpreted it to be "4834" because of the style of the "1."

This collectible was manufactured in the 1960s and is no longer being made. It is rather an antique! If you are interested in purchasing my porcelain figurine, leave me a comment expressing your interest.

It is item H959F and sells for $16.95 at as Vintage Hollohaza Pair of Duck Figurine. I searched all of eBay to find this item and found a listing which called these Vintage Hollohaza Art Deco Geese.

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