Thursday, July 22, 2010

Interviewing a Forward-Thinking Company and Boss in Jacksonville Florida

Today's special blog post:  Interviewing a Forward-Thinking Company and Boss in Jacksonville Florida!

BULLETIN: I am accepting inquiries from forward-thinking, dynamic companies in the Jacksonville, Florida area. I am actively seeking to secure a meaningful relationship with a very special company AND boss(es) who truly understand that harnessing social media today can be a plus for the company’s bottom-line.  That, plus a need for creative and analytical marketing experience!

The bottom-line on me? Well, I previously would have described myself with something like this:
A conceptually-creative, analytical, and motivated marketing professional with corporate level experience possessing skills in marketing and business plan development; project management; creative and marketing materials development; web site development and management; data analyses and database development; and online content writer and blogger.

But, now I am that and so much more! Over the past 4+ years, I have worked VERY DILIGENTLY to “establish a reputable name for myself online.” I have actively been involved in “social media marketing” and so much more! Hey, why not Google Me for yourself? I would suggest that you Google “jaguarjulie” and “jaguar julie” and keep in mind that I might be a blonde, but I have a lot of substance and brains behind the smile! I am a motivated and enthused kind of person too!

Of course, I also worked VERY DILIGENTLY at a more traditional “job” because I was sought out for my particularly relevant marketing experience for a start-up company that went from $0 to about oh, $7 million or more in annual sales in the course of 3.5 years!

I’m happy to report, that my current employer and I have come to a mutually-beneficial agreement that I should be allowed to spread my wings now. It’s been a 3.5 year working relationship; me = Marketing Director; them = happy partners who are very thankful for all the contributions. It really worked for me and my personality that they transitioned my work environment to be a home-based business = thank you boss(es)! I know that not everybody is disciplined enough to be productive working from a home office, but I did earn that title of WAHWW and WAHW – that would be “work at home wonder woman” and “work at home workaholic!” TYVM!

For them, I conceived of and developed their company logo which brands them worldwide daily. An additional key contribution was the MS Access database I developed which automates product data sheets, product labeling, and product technical charts. They’ve counted on me for a variety of creatives and marketing collateral materials; competitive intelligence; website management; content writing for the company blog; and gosh, so much more! Yep, I do know that they will miss me!

By the way, I also managed, in my free time, to make a name for myself as a Social Media type along with being a prolific content writer, hubster, lensmaster, and blogger. I’ve written on the socially-popular platform of Squidoo, with over 850 lens articles to my name.

Along with that content writing, came some kudos along the way, such as being inducted into the prestigious Giant Squid 100 Club as a charter member in 2007. Serving as a socially-responsible Squid Angel, mentoring fellow lensmasters, being a Squidoo Activist, making a record number of requested feature-suggestions for improvement of the site, and earning some recognition as lens of the day three times.

In 2008, I was selected as the Giant Squid of the Year and earned the title of having the best cooking page, Stuffed Cabbage, that year. Oh, there were many more bright spots to report on Squidoo! We can surely talk about that in person!

Prior to Squidoo, my websites, and blogging, I maintained the top, #1 personal homepage on the popular platform of ThirdAge for more than a couple of years!

Before all that, I’ve had a most meaningful corporate and Fortune 500, traditional past, having provided marketing services, creative and analytical, for such companies as:
  • Fuji Hunt Photographic Chemicals
  • Millennium Specialty Chemicals
  • IBM-Florida Capital Trading Area
  • GTE Mobile Communications
  • The Prudential Bank

Of course I have the necessary academic credentials that you would expect of someone who has been a Marketing Director. And, I can use a computer quite efficiently too -- I even get asked to troubleshoot computers from time-to-time! We can talk more specifically about all my skills and talents when we meet.

So, are you interested in talking? I’m ready! Why not put my portfolio of talent and skills to work for your company? You can leave me a confidential, private inquiry in my comments and we can go from there! I will contact you immediately!  Thank you and hope to meet you soon!  Let's talk!


KGDesigns said...

Very impressive, Julie. Any company would be lucky (and wise) to have you on board.

Julie Ann Brady said...

Thanks Kim! You know, Jacksonville Florida is quite a dynamic place to live and I'm hoping to stay here and work with a dynamic company and forward-thinking boss.

Pastiche said...

Julie, any business in your area would be foolish to not contract your marketing services - you've got it all - cred, rep, and talent , and you've got what they need ... best of all to you!

Julie Ann Brady said...

Thanks Lee, nice of you to share those kind words. You know, it only takes ONE. ;)

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