Monday, June 28, 2010

Why all the tweets on toilet seats oh my!

Good grief Charlie Brown!  I started off thinking I'd see a handful of Twitter tweets on toilet seats and then it kept going and going and going just like that Energizer Bunny, you know?  Holy mackerel Andy, but I am all weirded out this morning that SO many people are talking about toilet seats ... and NOT good things either.  Sorry, you'll have to search that for yourselves as I am not providing a courtesy link ... my grandma is stopping me from doing that.

Gadzooks, but my grandma surely taught us some etiquette you know?  Grandma wouldn't get all the toilet seat and toilet bowl humor and I can see her shaking her head, "Oh no!"

My generation of old foggies wouldn't dream of tweeting personal things like those that I saw this morning on toilet seats in page after page after page of Twitter tweets.  YIKES!  In my personal opinion, a lady just doesn't talk with a potty mouth in public.  But, hey, that's ME, folks!  I am a lady dinosaur me thinks.  And, I apologize for bringing up such a sensitive topic today.  That's OK ... I will continue on my merry way with being a lady; being as polite as I can; being as gracious as I can; being my original and unique self ... striving to be as authentic as I can possibly be ... all things considered, you know?

So, I happened to catch a forum post by somebody asking for visitors and blessings to a particular lens by another lensmaster, a multiple ID lens? Oh gosh, I thought, isn't that coincidentally interesting? That is the very same debate I have on one of my toilet seat lenses.  But, my debate, created in November 2009, is a lonely puppy, feeling empty and unloved ... ah!

You know, I do distinctly remember seeing a recent Amazon Affiliate newsletter, promoting the best toilet seats and I did think, why how topicable that is!! And, I was smiling because I had done a couple of toilet seat lenses in 2009, to talk about the brand of elongated toilet seats that we use at home.  Size, shape and style do matter after all.

Did you catch the June 17th Topicability blog post, Stuck on the toilet oh my?
You know, I know, because I do talk about A Quiet Toilet by Comfort Seats and take 2, Quiet Elongated Toilet Seats by Comfort Seats.  So, I get the subtle humor of it all that the toilet ads keep playing out for me day in and day out.
Hey ... see those first TWO elongated toilet seats by Comfort Seats?  YEP, those are authentically the very toilet seats we have in our home ... the light yellow one and the light pink one!  Hi, grandma!  Yes, I was being polite about toilet seats and the toilet humor that I shared in all those YouTube videos. Hope you got a chance to see it!

Oh, by the way ... I won't be asking for any blessings on my toilet seat lenses. A special thank you to all the visitors and readers who took time to weigh in on that TOPICABLE debate of elongated vs. round!  Ah, I was obviously flushed with excitement to have you all drop by.

And, I do apologize for having to make a commentary like I did earlier ... you know about the etiquette of sharing too much information on toilet seats and toilet bowl humor on Twitter.  Sorry folks!  Oh, I guess, when you've got to go, you've got to go ... but let's keep that between ourselves, shall we?  Cool, ;)

Oh, Oh ... see ya ... I have to go you know?

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