Thursday, June 03, 2010

Why all the ads for Stuffed Cabbage

For nearly three years, I have been actively writing and blogging about my favorite comfort food, Stuffed Cabbage. Well before that, I was doing lots of buzzing and sharing of my grandma Julia Nagy's Hungarian recipe for stuffed cabbage rolls as I've always said that her Hungarian stuffed cabbage rolls were the very best!

Over at Squidoo, I have been conducting polls and duels debating whether Hungarian is better than Polish stuffed cabbage recipes. And, I've talked lots and lots about how I really think Martha Stewart has done her part to popularize the Polish recipes for stuffed cabbage. Are you already a fan of stuffed cabbage?

Why do you think stuffed cabbage rolls are so popular?  Do you think it is because of Martha Stewart or perhaps because Jaguar Julie has talked about stuffed cabbage so much?  Which recipe is your favorite for stuffed cabbage?

You know, it was not that long ago that I was checking my daily Google Alerts on stuffed cabbage and what did I see?  Holy mackerel Andy, but I saw that stuffed cabbage rolls have now hit the Nigerian market ... say, you know you've arrived when they are talking about you in Nigeria!  Let's hear it for stuffed cabbage rolls!!!!

So, something else that I've been noticing for longer than a month is the fact that my high traffic to my ever popular Stuffed Cabbage page has been a little off. When I do a Google search, I see that my lens is #1. I do a Bing search, and again my lens is #1 for stuffed cabbage. However, it is when I do a Yahoo search for stuffed cabbage that I discover what I think has happened to my extra traffic.  You see, I'm not the top search result on Yahoo like I am on Google and Bing.  And, it would appear that there is some competition for traffic from LOTS of advertisers!!!  Take a look at this screen capture that I have provided from my Yahoo search.

First of all, do you notice just how many ads there are for stuffed cabbage and stuffed cabbage roll recipes? What the heck is that all about? Do you get it that stuffed cabbage has hit the mainstream of popularity? OK, next ... do you notice some of the websites going after the traffic/hits for stuffed cabbage? I am looking at the top ad ... ... And, even more interesting when you do a Who Is search you see it is a ValueClick website.

Gosh, what do you make of all that ...  Why all the ads for Stuffed Cabbage? If you want the scoop on Stuffed Cabbage and what secret ingredient my grandma added to her recipe, drop by article - it's a five-part series. Check out the various polls, the various stuffed cabbage roll recipes, and drop me a line in the guestbook. Let me know you found me!


Jaguar Julie said...

Something most curious in that I did a tweet to add this blog post and yet it was not included in the search capabilities ... I wonder WHY does that happen sometimes.

My tweet: "Blog post: "Why all the ads for Stuffed Cabbage?" <---a new website on 'home' topics to challenge Squidoo lenses?"

Have you had this happening with any of your tweets?

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann said...

A new food trend is emerging: comfort foods from across the world, often served from a food trailer in the streets. That's what I'm doing with my new biz "Chef Keem's Bavarian Bistro".

I think, people get tired with all the processed food products and look for better ways to eat real food with only a few real ingredients.

Stuffed Cabbage should be served from a food trailer. Maybe I'll add it to our menu... :)

Julie Ann Brady said...

You know Achim, somebody actually recommended that I consider doing just this/that! Taking my stuffed cabbage and other authentic Hungarian recipes on the road to be served from a food trailer in the streets.

Could you imagine how that would revolutionize old world recipes vs hot dog vendors?

I like the idea for you and I think your personality would add an additional draw. And, think about franchising yourself -- costume, accent and all.

I'd buy!

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann said...

I agree with you, Julie. It's a complete marketing concept: Old-World comfort food with the matching personality, using the power of today's online marketing tools. I've read a ton of articles about people doing just that in NY City, L.A., Denver, etc.; Austin, TX is a strong new member of the food trailer community. We will serve giant Wiener Schnitzel sandwiches along with authentic German bratwurst and, of course, my Bohemian sauerkraut.

I even read that in Germany, a type of skewered meat dish (Schaschlik) has surpassed the Curry Wurst in street food popularity! Everybody loves a juicy comfort recipe, especially if it is from a foreign country. Exotic, good, inexpensive, filling...just like stuffed cabbage.

Julie Ann Brady said...

Well, I for one would easily be a daily visitor and fan of "Old-World comfort food" that has the personality of which you speak. This would surely put a new twist on "street performers" you know.

And, have a big enough TIP jar to catch all those tips coming your way.

I'm think musical accompaniment to to set the stage ... I'm opting for Hungarian gypsy music.

Hit it ... 1, 2, 3, 4 ..........

Seattle Pastry Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the Hillbilly Muffins ! And if you ever get to the West Coast check out the food cart scene in Portland-it is incredible-you can eat your way around the world in one city block -cheap great food ! And by the way I'm one of those stuffed cabbage people-grew up learning to make my grandmother's recipe alongside my mom...check out my blog about it

And also check out the foodcarts in Portland !

Love reading your blog by the way !

Julie Ann Brady said...

Ah! Hello Sandy ... so good to see ya. I've just returned from my whirlwind visit thanks to you.

It is so cool to have seen that black enamel roaster that my grandma had too! I'm pretty sure it is still in the family.

Warms the cockles of my heart, and stomach, to read your writings ... memories!

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