Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting the point 17 times, ah Acupuncture!

You know I think I'm beginning to sound like a broken record in that I wanted to blog more frequently and actually had that as a personal goal for 2010 ... BUT I see that it's been over a month since I last penned a blog post on my primary blog. Well, chalk it up to the life-changing, trunk-slamming incident of December 9, 2009. That trunk-slamming surely changed a lot of "things" in my life.

Thinking back on the sequence of events, it was a full month that I waited before I sought follow-up care for my hand, wrist and forearm. That's normal protocol for me; no knee-jerk reaction, but a wait and see approach that hopes for the best. I was hoping that the pain would just go away.

I've now completed some 8 weeks of neuromuscular therapy which has been renewed; however, now "we" have added acupuncture to the weekly routine! You know, I don't have an officially penned "bucket list" like a goodly bunch of my cool friends have, but surely acupuncture would be on that BL. So, let's put a red checkmark next to acupuncture on that list.

Last Friday was my indoctrination into getting the point 17 times! I had no idea what to expect; and I was nervously chatting away with my doctor when BAM! the first needle went in ... what a surprise, in it went into my forehead somewhere between my eyes. I was laughing to myself, "be careful what you ask for!" A while back I was talking about getting scheduled for a lobotomy. OK, perhaps I'm being a tad bit dramatic, but golly gee, no one told me I'd get that very first acupuncture needle smack dab THERE!

Here's what I find super interesting! I was doing a cursory search on Amazon [a favorite place of mine] and look what the heck I found there! I did not know that anyone could buy acupuncture needles on Amazon! Acupuncture Needles by Seirin - Sterile #3 Gauge 30 mm Blue J-Type by AME. It says that the SEIRIN disposable acupuncture needles have a new technology which "allows for smooth painless insertion using less pressure."

Take it from the horse's mouth, not all insertions of acupuncture needles are PAINLESS. In particular, two additional insertion points [in addition to that lobotomy positioned first needle] were pretty owie! The left side of my right hand/wrist was high on the list, quickly followed up by the scapular area of my left shoulder.

But, like a good trooper, I've been scheduled for two acupuncture treatments this week and now KNOW what to expect. I think it will be interesting to see whether or not those same spots feel the same type of pressure ... er pain.

Have YOU too had acupuncture or planning on trying it? I personally come from a storytelling background of participatory journalism. That means, that I was voted most likely to try alternative approaches, especially in the treatment of pain. I want to be greener and more holistic in my approach. No more spinal nerve blocks for me; oh no!

Well, if you are thinking about acupuncture, here are a couple of books to acquaint you with that approach. If you're thinking about it, let me know! I'd surely love to chat with you and pick your brain. Have you ALREADY tried it? Hey, how was it? How many treatments did you have? Did you LOVE it?


hearts81 said...

Well, seeing that there is pain involved of any sort, I don't think I will be going there. I was asked once when I had a Frozen Shoulder, but I declined.

And she said that it wouldn't hurt ;)

KGDesigns said...

Well, you are far braver than I am! We went to a health fair over the weekend and saw an acupuncture session in progress. It actually looked very relaxing and soothing. No screaming (or blood) at all. I'm anxious to hear if this therapy works well for you.

Christine P. said...

Anything the involves pain isn't on my bucket list, I can tell you that. Hope it ends up working great for you though!

Julie Ann Brady said...

Well, heads up you all. Today is St. Patrick's Day you know and I have that #2 acupuncture session scheduled for 5pm today. It wasn't purposely scheduled to be so late in the day; that's just the timeline of my acupuncture doctor in her second office.

We're schedule to celebrate St. Pat's Day this evening with friends ... so ... I'm thinking the acupuncture will help warm me up for the festivities.

I'm sincerely hoping that more acupuncture will prepare my mind state for having blood drawn for yesterday hubby came a-looking behind the scenes when he says I disappeared for 40 minutes with the lab tech. That lab tech said she was putting me down as a "hard stick" and that she was hoping the lab would understand the 5 pediatric tubes of blood that she extracted from my TWO acupunctured veins. ;)

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