Sunday, March 21, 2010

Getting hooked on a good thing

It was more than one month ago that I had a conversation with Todd, my neuromuscular massage therapist. "I wonder if there is a treatment center for getting hooked on massage?" We laughed about that thought and how it would be like "getting hooked on a good thing" yes a good thing massage can be! I first started enjoying massage in early February 2010 as prescribed treatment for my hand injury of December 9, 2009.

So, today it is March 21, 2010! I have well passed two dozen neuromuscular massages, rather back-to-back, along with 3 memorable acupunctures. I've not yet achieved the aura that acupuncture is a "good thing," although I do believe it is ... I'm still working on that thought.

What about March 21, 2010? Yes, I've already chatted about that in the SquidU Forum in this memorable post: Thank you Squidoo for my 4-year anniversary milestone today!

From the forum, I ventured onto Twitter to say: "Thank you BzzAgent for introducing me to Squidoo. Celebrating my 4 year anniversary milestone. My first lens of 3/21/06."

Then, it was off to populate the Topicability blog with this post, A Milestone on Squidoo!

Another milestone for me is each day that I hear my mom tell me to write that book. In a sense, I have been writing that book each day over the past 4 years of my milestone anniversary on Squidoo. Mom just called me the past week to present me with a new challenge! You see, she has been conscientiously reading and commenting on my lenses. And, now she says I simply MUST take all my great content and put it into a book to share with others trying to find their way on the internet. Thanks mom! ;)

As a lensmaster on Squidoo, my profile states that I have "rated 7,147 lenses, favorited 537, and have created 637 lenses from scratch, and that I have 1,775 fans." What it doesn't say is how much Squidoo has been a part of my life and daily journey over the past 4 years. It doesn't tell you about THAT journey.

There have been definite HIGHS and LOWS. I refuse to dwell on any of those negative moments to detract from the wondrous POSITIVES of Squidoo. The power of Squidoo has allowed me to express myself; to be the very best that I can be. It has allowed me to be hugely unique with my most creatively niche-like niches! I've purposely written about what interests me and sometimes those topics have been definite non-mainstream topics. But, I am happy for staying true to my course.

the cat attitude of jaguar julieBefore I go and enjoy this rainy day, may I share with you a parting thought that has been my online mantra for over a decade? That would be to "be the best that YOU can be! Be authentic, original and unique." And, yada yada!!!

So, today I am commemorating my huge milestone of 4 years on Squidoo. Isn't that about 36 years in a cat's life??? Yes, indeed my friends! "Getting hooked on a good thing ... can be a good thing!"


Cheryl Kohan said...

Good for you, Julie - Congratulations! I've been AWOL from Squidoo for quite awhile and I need to get back to the fold, so to speak. You're definitely an inspiration. Now, go write that book, for goodness sake!

kimmanleyort said...

Congratulations on an incredible milestone. From what I see, you are definitely authentic, original, and unique!

Admin said...

Thank you for all the great posts from last year! I look forward to reading your blog, because they are always full of information that I can put to use. Thank you again, and God bless you in 2010.

Pastiche said...

Happy Anniversary Cat Lady!

Julie Ann Brady said...

Thank you Kim! It was very kind of you to drop by and I appreciate that. You know, I never thought I'd still be active on any site these days and be celebrating a 4 year anniversary milestone. It boggles the mind me thinks! Yes, I do remember my mom telling me that they/she threw away that mold. ;)

Julie Ann Brady said...

Thanks Lee ... I see you were here posting about the same time as me! Good Morning.

Julie Ann Brady said...

Cheryl, hey my dear ... good to see you. Oh, I think it is a bit of a "right of passage" that we sometimes need to take a bit of time out, step back into life and experience it, and then return to Squidoo with renewed vigor.

Go go go ... oh, a book! ;) Perhaps.

Julie Ann Brady said...

Thanks Admin ... it's good to see another reader and I hope to hear more insightful comments and contributions from YOU too. ;)

Julie Ann Brady said...

An update on that "monitor!" So, I plugged in the 22" monitor, tried it for a couple of hours and retired for the evening. The next morning, my computer monitor was frozen except for an error message displaying on it.

So ... I am back to my old 17" flatscreen Dell monitor with speakers. The 22" was taken by hubby who was thrilled to have it for his work computer screen.

Long story, short. Size matters. I am happy with 17" whilst hubby is thrilled out of his mind with 22".

... and so the story goes!

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