Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Recent Vacation in Costa del Sol Southern Spain

Malaga, Spain airportWe returned on April 7, 2009 from a 12-day vacation to Costa del Sol, the Southern part of Spain. My hubby had made plans for this vacation, an RCI timeshare exchange, for a number of months. He takes care of the arrangements for all our vacations as he is quite skilled at arranging the best exchanges in super locations and gets us great deals on airline flights.

What was so funny about this trip is that we ended up staying an extra day as the return flight was booked on DL 163 departing April 6, 2009 from Malaga, Spain at 12:40pm and landing at JFK airport in New York. It so happened that when we reported to the Malaga airport check-in desk, there were probably 250 or more people already waiting in line with much baggage. This happened to be a tour group of plumbers and contractors from New York and New Jersey -- husbands and wives and/or significant others. It was like a cast call for the Sopranos TV show; I really thought that I met Joe Pesci! Honestly!!!

tabby cat in Marbella, Spain
P.S. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by a tabby cat that hung around the Heritage Resorts. She happened to be pregnant, and I know that she will be on my mind for quite some time wondering when she delivers her litter and wanting to know if she is OK.

BTW, I'd love to share a slideshow of our vacation -- be sure to check it out and let me know what you think. There will be lots more information to blog about regarding our eventful trip! Stay tuned.


MiMi said...

Man! What a spectacular vacation! Those houses look like they grew right out of the cliffs. The water and the weather looked perfect.

Julie Ann Brady said...

MiMi! Thanks for dropping by to check out my vacation to Costa del Sol. Trust me, I was pretty impressed and scared at the same time what with the driving up the windy hilly roads with hairpin turns and cliffs to deal with. And, not to mention that the tiny towns were most intriguing to navigate. ;)

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