Monday, February 07, 2005

Victoria's Secret - Brand is ON TARGET

Victoria's Secret - Brand is ON TARGET - Sexy, Red Hot Fashion! I personally love to check out Victoria's Secret stores, catalogs, and online offerings on a regular basis. And, no surprise, so does my husband! I also wear many of their items, love those intimates, and I am a reseller of their fashions. Well, it was no surprise to read in a latest Brand Channel e-newsletter that VS gets high marks for their branding efforts.

The following is from a recent article in Brand Channel.

"Want (her) to be sexy? Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and brands are offering up a plethora of "in your face" material to wake the dead. Among those brands, Victoria's Secret catalog returns each year to remind one of the coming date with a scream. (Gentlemen, it's February 14.) This year, the scream is a pants' bursting bright-red lacy double D push up bra.

With three distribution channels-stores, catalog and e-shop-and marketing communication to match, Victoria's Secret has consistently delivered its brand message at each contact point with the customer. In particular, a visit to shows an attention to details that has been hitting the right balance between branding and usability for years.

Not only is the first impression on target, with the screen dominated by a picture of a voluptuous model, but all the elements of a branded e-commerce are present: From color-palette, to thumbnail pictures to promotions.

In sum, Victoria's Secret has developed a superb customer-focused marketing tool-at both strategic and operational levels-that is undoubtedly a benchmark for its lingerie category. Its brand focuses on a lifestyle that teases, shocks, and woos our deepest feelings. Far from lagging behind the stores and catalogs, the e-shop is nicely integrated with the other distribution channels and reinforces the brand presence in a sizable fashion."

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