Saturday, February 05, 2005

Rating Super Bowl Ads - Bloggers Exercise Power

Bloggers' newest power: rating Super Bowl ads ... By John Boudreau, Market Researcher, Mercury News

"Everyone knows about the Super Bowl.

Now there's the Blog Bowl. What better sign that blogging has gone mainstream than this: The popular act of online journal writing by anyone with a PC or laptop is now part of the Super Bowl ad sweepstakes. Market research company Intelliseek will be monitoring the blogosphere for the buzz on Super Bowl ads to give their clients instant feedback on their ad extravaganzas. Intelliseek, a Cincinnati company that owns, also will set up a panel of 50 to 100 bloggers to offer comments on ads during the game for its clients."

A convergence of factors -- the near-religious fervor in which Americans identify with, and talk about, their favorite products, the mass appeal of online communication and the buzz factor tied to Super Bowl ads -- has led marketing experts to focus more closely on what consumers are writing in blogs and on other Web forums . . . A well-read blog gives its creator, or those who post opinions on it, a global audience. 'Suddenly, instead of an audience of just a couple of colleagues, someone can have an audience of tens of thousands,' said Jonathan Carson, president and chief executive of BuzzMetrics, a word-of-mouth research company in New York."

"The Super Bowl, in a sense, becomes the ultimate buzz-platform, said Tim Calkins, a marketing professor at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management . . . That's why companies are willing to pay a premium -- $2.4 million a 30-second spot -- to get their message across during Super Bowl commercial breaks, he said."

"Intelliseek's Blackshaw and others believe monitoring the blogosphere is a good way to measure whether a Super Bowl ad is a bust or buzz. For instance, Intelliseek declared the last Super Bowl a low-buzz ad event because most of the blog chatter was about Janet Jackson's 'wardrobe malfunction,' not about an innovative commercial." Read more about this.

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