Friday, April 19, 2019

Clear Spot Bandage Review

I was looking for those round, like spot, adhesive bandages and stopped at my local Publix. I didn't find what I was looking for so I used what I had. You know, the normal strip adhesive bandage. Since I had to stop by the post office the other day, I decided to try Walgreens. Nope! I didn't find the old-fashioned, round adhesive bandages so I opted to purchase the Walgreens brand of clear spots.

Walgreens Clear Spot Bandages
Walgreens Clear Spot Bandages
I paid $2.99 for a package of 50 clear spot adhesive bandages, all one size. The package states "transparent coverage, seals on all sides, not made with natural rubber latex." I don't think I have a latex allergy, but since I was using this bandage on my face, it was important that it didn't have latex.

Walgreens Clear Spot Bandage on Face
#1 - Walgreens Clear Spot Bandage on Face - As Is
You know, I can't remember the last time I had to use a bandage on my face! Seriously. So, I was welcoming the idea of a small circular bandage that provided transparent coverage so that it wouldn't be conspicuous to others that I had a bandage on my face!! Like, I didn't want everyone in my senior park asking, "what happened to your face?" Or, "what IS THAT on your face?"

In that first photo of the applied clear spot, you can pretty much see that the outer edges are fairly transparent, blending in with the skin. However, that 7/8" square gauze center is rather obnoxious! It doesn't resemble the photo which gives you more of a natural skin color. To me, the square is white and very obvious.

Walgreens Clear Spot Bandage on Face
#2 - Walgreens Clear Spot Bandage on Face - With Makeup
In the second photo, the clear spot bandage is less obvious or conspicuous although you can still tell it's there. I took a dab of my Clinique Even Better Creme Chamois 04 liquid foundation and applied it to the entire spot bandage. It definitely helped the bandage to become less obvious with the color blending a bit more to my skin.

Since I had to run some errands and go to the store, I combed my hair so it wasn't pulled back or behind my ears, in an effort to try and hide that bandage. Luckily, nobody made a comment about it being there.

At the end of that first day, I applied a facial cleanser and washed my face in the shower. It is now the next day, and the clear spot bandage is still on my face like when I originally applied it. I am happy about that and since I will not be going out today, I'll leave it as it is.

I would say the adhesive quality is excellent at this point. I'll report back when it is time to remove the bandage.

Walgreens Clear Spot Bandage Removed
#3 - Walgreens Clear Spot Bandage Removed
About 24 hours after first applying the bandage, I removed it. There wasn't any difficulty lifting the adhesive edges although you can rather see the bit of residue left.

Oh, why did I need a bandage in the first place? You wouldn't believe it. It happened in my front yard garden when I was removing the expired pink powder puffs from my powder puff, Calliandra surinamensis plant. This pretty plant attracts a host of insects from bees and wasps to butterflies and hummingbirds. The bees seem to drill into the puffs, so I've got to be extra careful when I pull off the expired puffs.

Calliandra surinamensis pink powder puff plant
Calliandra surinamensis pink powder puff plant
I've already had a bee sting to the base of a finger when I didn't see a bee buried in the puff. That's quite a surprise to have that happen. I didn't expect that I would have a bee sting me on the side of my face!! I suppose it could have been worse.

bee sting on finger
Bee Sting on Finger - March 14, 2019
SUGGESTION: This is a design opportunity for the bandage manufacturers! I was thinking of drawing a smiley face on that 7/8" square center of the bandage. Then, aside from trying a natural colored makeup, I wondered what else could be there that would make this artistic? What about a tattoo bandage or maybe emoji or smiley face? You know, like all those little avatars of social media? That I could pick an emoji for how I'm feeling that day?

I couldn't find the old-fashioned round bandages which are all one color ... I might buy a package that I find online. If I found that old-fashioned round bandage in assorted colors, I would probably buy that. At the very least, I think the manufacturer should do something to make that 7/8" square center not white. I am pretty fair-skinned with a bit of a tan. What if my skin was super dark?

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