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Amazon Design Theft of Zazzlers Art 2

This is a follow up to my post of May 15, 2016 about Amazon Design Theft of Zazzlers Art. Since the middle of May, I have submitted over 275 copyright infringement complaints on Amazon. You can't imagine just how much time that takes to research the products on Amazon by primarily Chinese sellers who have stolen the designs from Zazzle. Then, to take time to find the original listing of mine on Zazzle and then complete the infringement complaint form, populating it with all the corresponding product IDs from Amazon.

I have found so many products on Amazon with my copyright art stolen from my Zazzle Shops of JaguarJulieFlowers and JaguarJulieDesigns that it seems the image theft is out of control!

This story is marked with the hashtags of #amazon #zazzle #stopimagetheft #stopcopyrightinfringement #chinesesellers

Word Cloud of 158 Amazon Sellers Reported for Image Theft
Word Cloud of 158 Amazon Sellers Reported for Image Theft
This morning I prepared a word cloud with the names of all the 158 Amazon sellers who were reported for image theft of my designs from Zazzle. I compiled all the notices received back from Amazon in response to my hundreds of infringement complaints filed.

Listed below is an alphabetical listing of all 158 Amazon sellers who have used my stolen designs from Zazzle. At the end of their seller names, in parentheses, is the count for how many stolen designs were removed in this time period from their stores.

4693 8035 5671 4639 (1), ALEJO PEREZ (27), ANTONIO MOJICA (4), anweiwei (14), Asonc (1), B Lyster shop (1), Baby Sweat Dream (2), bai sheng (7), beautiful home (2), Beautiful-Girl (2), bestonling (1), Betterforyou (10), Chantelletion (3), chenhui223 (1), Cireurus (14), Constance Stores (2), Custom Made Shop (4), Custom Print Shops (3), daS store (1), Dashentai (1), DavidOnlineStore (1), DecorModern (4), diys center (1), diys-vips (1), Douubt (1), DreamStage (3), Dream-VX (2), duminjun (2), Durian Crazy (8), Dushawn Stores (4), East Sunrise Store (6), EDHW (10), EDWIN MAY (2), EJEJ (2), Encoin (12), Endoune (2), fangzuming (4), Fashion casual Clubhouse (14), Fashion Simple Shop (3), fashionshopshop (1), Fashionstores (2), Feer- time (1), feifang (2), FIGUEROA IVELISSE (9), FRANCISCO RAMOS (12), GARY GODWIN (1), GASWOMAN (4), G-Color Shop (2), GLORIA HOFFMAN (5), good of the shop (2), gulancai casyou (5), happy apple (2), Heart Of The World (26), heiheishop (3), HENOWN (6), HFC Case (2), High quality shopping (2), HKYY (6), holoshop (5), hong chen (2), Hope home (8), HSLDT (30), hua kai (4), hui xu store (30), Humpherys-SH (1), ILRussellBoy (5), Internation (2), JAMIE SMITH (1), JeremyArtStore (5), jerrod randle (6), JHEU (3), jiajiahuishop (3), JIMMY WEBB (1), JJJ-earth (5), JMacleanStore (1), JuliesDeal (4), Keep us happy shopping (2), Kenneth case (1), Kieffer shop (2), Ksudng (3), LENVVO (7), Levionlinesale (2), Liang Zhiheng (3), liseny [Pillowcase] (5), Little-Dreams (2), Lox (1), luckyshop123 (4), LYDIA RIVERA (2), M and T (1), MALAIPO (1), mancool (1), Melissa Caffey (4), MELONDAY (1), Mixixibilly (1), MMSBY (11), MNbrassfield shop (2), MorningUp (1), MOVIEGAME (3), NANCY CABALLERO (4), NORMA RIVERA (2), OHADHA (3), Pillow case store (3), pillow case5 (1), Pillowin (1), Poppy-Baby (2), Poppy-Love (4), pposhop (2), Qimei Commodity Co.,Ltd (1), Rainy man (5), Raymond Stores (1), RAYVEI (1), Reed Lolly (1), Riydne (1), ROSE EMILCAR STORE (1), ruizhongshop (7), RYHJRT (4), SAasdfaZSD (1), SAUL SHAPIRO (3), Schmidt Stores (7), Shane Croft (1), shannea butler (3), Showcas1e (1), silili (1), skllaq (2), Slater Stores (4), SnapRoof (3), SOFIA VELEZ (2), Some Done (2), song shi (7), Super Sellers AAA (3), Teding (2), Times os (1), Trendsetter Show (4), Tshirts-Online (2), ttatta (1), us-90 (2), VENUS BURGOS (3), Vogue Online Shop (7), Vogue Shop (1), WENDY MORALES (2), WildFree (22), williams5665 (3), Women boutique (19), Women's fashion store (2), wuqilong (5), X-Christy (1), X-Fond (3), xilanxin (13), XKSCHU (2), yangziyi (2), YAOYAO (13), YBbeautiful (2), yeaystore (1), YOuHOme (1), Youkuj (1), yqy2016 (1), ZFSaleStore (1), zhanglifeng (2)

Amazon Sellers with the most Stolen Zazzle Designs
Amazon Sellers with the most Stolen Zazzle Designs
The Amazon Sellers with the most stolen Zazzle Designs of mine in their stores: HSLDT 30, hui xu store 30, ALEJO PEREZ 27, Heart Of The World 26, WildFree 22, Women boutique 19, anweiwei 14, Cireurus 14, Fashion casual Clubhouse 14, xilanxin 13, YAOYAO 13, Encoin 12, FRANCISCO RAMOS 12, MMSBY 11, Betterforyou 10, EDHW 10

My analysis of all the notices I received back from Amazon in May, 2016, showed 658 instances of my copyrighted designs appearing in one of these sellers' stores. Although quite a few of the sellers only had one or two designs stolen from my Zazzle shops, that doesn't mean they won't have more that will suddenly appear on Amazon.

Amazon Sellers changing titles on my Stolen Zazzle Designs
Amazon Sellers changing titles on my Stolen Zazzle Designs - Sunflowers
It is a time-consuming exercise for me to daily search on Amazon to see what "new" is appearing. Just today, I was finding several of my sunflower designs appearing again although they were supposedly removed by Amazon. A fellow designer in the same boat as me has labeled the process "whack a mole." You take out a design here and it pops up there! The bootleg sellers are getting more clever in that they are changing the titles to throw off the bloodhounds! I found several of my 2014 sunflower designs labeled as 2016.

Favorite products of the Amazon Sellers with my Stolen Zazzle Designs
Favorite products of the Amazon Sellers with my Stolen Zazzle Designs - Gerbera Daisies
The two screen captures above are from my Amazon Wish List of Stolen Products from JaguarJulieDesigns and JaguarJulieFlowers. Another Zazzler suggested we impacted designers add the products as we find them to such a list so that we can follow the progress of Amazon's removal. And, so that others can easily see what is being stolen from our Zazzle shops by this despicable Amazon sellers to use in their many Amazon stores.
Artsy Gerbera Daisy Watercolor Throw Pillow with Zazzle Watermark
Artsy Gerbera Daisy Watercolor Throw Pillow with Zazzle Watermark
How do all of us Zazzle designers protect our copyright images from the unscrupulous Chinese thieves? It is not clearly understood if the Zazzle watermark will stop those unscrupulous image thieves. It was only recently that I enabled such a watermark on my Zazzle designs. You see, I thought they already had a watermark in the large image view! There are RSS feeds of Zazzle products which may not have this protection.

P.S. Some of the Chinese sellers are sending apology emails to us Zazzle designers asking us to withdraw our copyright infringement complaints from Amazon as they did not know what they did. Really?

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