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Vereczki Family Name

Since the invention of the internet, I have been researching a maternal family name of Vereczki. To make it a challenging task, the spelling of this name has varied throughout the years.

The Vereczki family come from Eastern Europe. I've written also many articles on the Hungarian family name of Nagy. Even more challenging in the research is the so-called commonality of the Nagy name. On the other hand, the Vereczki name is rather the opposite; i.e., its usage is not as popular as Nagy. However, you can find quite a variety of different spellings!

To this very day, I continue to research this family name and hope to come in contact with other descendants of the Vereczki line. It is a worldwide initiative to hook up with all Vereczkis out there.

As luck would have it, I received an email from a Viktoria Vereczki who found my previous article on Vereczki. We've connected as friends through Facebook. I'm guessing that we're probably related someplace down the line. The internet is such a wonderful research resource!

Julia Vereczki Nagy and Grandchildren Cleveland, Ohio 1932
Julia Vereczki Nagy and Grandchildren ~ Cleveland, Ohio 1932
Julia Vereczki Nagy and Grandchildren
A really favorite photo of mine shows my great grandmother Julia Vereczki Nagy with her grandchildren in Cleveland, Ohio in 1932. I just don't know that I have any other photos of my great grandmother! What was pretty neat to find is the xerox copy of that prized photo along with identifying names of these relatives. Thanks to my mom, Lillian Nagy Knudson for doing that. Check out that photo!

Julia Vereczki Nagy and Grandchildren Cleveland, Ohio 1932
Julia Vereczki Nagy and Grandchildren ~ Cleveland, Ohio 1932
And, these people are, left to right, Florence Nagey, Buddy Searle, Robert Nagy, Julia Vereczki Nagy, Lillian Nagy Knudson, Dolores Linhart.

A little background on the Vereczki history
My great grandmother, Julia Vereczki was born April 8, 1873 in Szatmar, Austro-Hungary, [now known as Satu Mare, Romania, located near the border of Hungary].  She married Steve [Istvan] Nagy on October 26, 1889 in Szatmar, Austro-Hungary, located near the border of Hungary.

Steve was born August 20, 1864 in Hungary, and died September 1930 in Europe. He was thought to be of Turkish descent because of his dark good looks.

Julia [Vereczki] Nagy died April 19, 1940 with her ashes interned at Highland Park Cemetary in Cleveland, Ohio.  Her last known address was 1774 W. 28th Street, Cleveland, Ohio.

Vereczki Nagy Family Tree
My very first attempt to research the Vereczki and Nagy family, I put together this family tree. This was before computers! Remember typewriters? Gosh, this must have taken forever to type to look this good. I'm thinking this family tree was prepared over 20 years ago!

Julia Vereczki - Steve Nagy Family Tree
Julia Vereczki - Steve Nagy Family Tree
Prepared by Julie Ann Brady

Visiting Cemeteries in Hungary and Romania!
A few years ago, I incorporated a visit to three cemeteries in Satu-Mare, Romania, and one cemetery in Budapest, Hungary to photograph headstones while tracing my families history. I could honestly do more vacations like this.

Check out my Flickr photo slideshows:
* Nagy Hungarian Monuments slideshow on Flickr.
* Satu Mare, Romania slideshow on Flickr.
* Satu Mare Historical Postcards slideshow on Flickr.

Vereczki in Hungary
Searching the Hungarian telephone directory, I found several people with the surname of Vereczki.
  • Adrienn, Albert, András, Beatrix, Ferenc, Géza, György, István, János, Józsefné, Dr.Lászlóné, Márta, Mihály, Miklós, Pálné, Péter, Péterné, Sándor, Szilárd, Szilvia, Tibor, Viktória, Vivien, Zoltán, Zoltánné, Zsófia
Vereczki from RadixIndex
The RadixIndex Hungarian geneaology and local history database contains a number of records for "Vereczki" and similar sounding names. Soundex !!! When researching, you need to look at many variations of the name such as follows:
  • Vereckei (15), Verecki (2), Verecky (1), Veréczi (1), Vereczi (1), Veréczi (2), Vereczi (1), Vereczkei (13), Vereczkey (7), Vereczki (3), Vereczki[sic!] (1), Vereczky (2), Veréczy (3).
Vereczki Links
  • Vereczki, Julia - My post on RadixForum for information on Julia Vereczki.
  • Vereczki 1891 - Industry and trade directory of Hungary in 1891 database showed a listing of Vereczki. Showed one listing in Nógrád.
Footnote on Vereczki Genealogical Research
I'm basically "just getting started" here with my research into the "Vereczki" name. As it is a rather uncommon name, unlike Nagy: The Hungarian Name, I hope to be more successful in unearthing our family tree!

A few years ago, I did find a listing of a Dr. Vereczki in Budapest, Hungary. "Hey, what an amazing coincidence," I thought. "This must surely be a distant relative; especially since they have the surname of my great grandmother."

After emailing them about my research into the family name, I received no response. But, I did connect later with Victoria Vereczki through my previous Squidoo lens and subsequently as a friend on Facebook.

Different Spelling : Doing some free searches online, I discovered some records for Julia Vereczki and Steve Nagey but with a very different spelling of her last name. The records indicated Voreski !!

Vereczki Reader Comments

Adrienn Vereczki Aug 15, 2010 @ 7:19 am. "Hello! Here is the first real Vereczki, who found this page! I am Adrienn Vereczki, if you want to contact me, please send an e-mail to"

My reply: "Hello Adrienn! So good to meet you -- we must chat. Thanks for taking time to let us know you are here."

Vereczki Reader Comments
Vereczki Reader Comments

Jean Verecki Nov 6, 2011 @ 12:11 pm. " name is Jean Verecki, I live in Canada. The spelling of my name has been altered slightly when my dad immigrated to Canada in 1957. I am trying to find some relatives in Hungary that i can connect with. My dads name is Steve Verecki, his brothers name is Joe Verecki and his sisters names are Vera and Julie. If anyone has any information please send me a email and maybe i can find some of my family. Thanks! Jean"

My reply: "Hello Jean! So good to hear from you ... yes "Verecki" is a variation on Vereczki ... also including: Vereckei, Verecky, Vereczi, Vereczkei, Vereczkey, Vereczky, Vereczy. The name of Julia appears throughout our family tree, but usually as Julia. Please come back and give us more info! Thank you."

Vereczki Reader Comments
Vereczki Reader Comments

Martincsek István Nov 2, 2012 @ 10:02 am. "Sziasztok! Az én édesanyám Vereczki Rozália, magyarországon élünk. Szeretném megtudni, hogy mi van a távoli rokonainkal! Jean mi unokatestvérek vagyunk, mivel anyukám Steve legkisseb huga. Testvérek még: Joe, Sanyi, Julie, Vera, Joli, Erzsi. Nagyszülők: Vereczki István, Demeczki Veronika."

My reply: "Hello Istvan ... allow me to provide a translation of your comment: 'Hello! Vereczki my mother, Rosalie living in Hungary. I would like to know what is distant relatives! Our cousin Jean, as Steve smallest mom's sister. Brother Joe, Alex, Julia, Vera, Joliet, Erzsi. Grandparents: Stephen Vereczki, Veronica Demeczki.' Well, I would say that there is a good chance of a distant relative!"

Vereczki Reader Comments
Vereczki Reader Comments

The Vereczki Fan Club and Feedback Zone
Are you into genealogy or maybe of the Vereczki lineage? Check out Vereczki, Vereckei, Verecki, Verecky, Vereczi, Vereczkei, Vereczkey, Vereczky, Vereczy. I'd love to hear from you. Please take a moment to leave a comment and tell me more. Thank you.

Vereczki Family Name was originally created on May 5, 2006 as a Squidoo Lens. You can find it on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine at

Vereczki Family Name as a Squidoo Lens
Vereczki Family Name was originally created on May 5, 2006 as a Squidoo Lens.

I have written more about my Eastern European and Hungarian family names. Here are some other articles you might find interesting:
P.S. It has been some six months since I have written on my blog. I apologize to my readers for having been absent this long. You see, I have been experiencing some life changing events. The last blog posts were about some unfortunate experiences I encountered as I explored senior living alternatives. The Attorney General of Florida, Pam Bondi, has made it her mission to help protect seniors in the state from unscrupulous business dealings. I reached out to her to help me with my complaint against Concord Management and Palm Coast Landing Senior Apartments. I don't know when I can put this bad experience behind me. I hope soon!

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