Monday, July 27, 2015

Concord Management LTD Quite Contrary

Oh my! "Concord Management LTD Quite Contrary"" is the title of this latest blog post. I wanted to title it, "Concord Management LTD Sucks," but, that was kind of already taken by another blogger! At this time in my dealings with those people from Maitland, Florida, I do feel they suck. And, so much more.

This afternoon I received a written response from Concord Management LTD, representing Palm Coast Landing Senior Apartments, addressing my complaint to the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. Unfortunately, it was not the response that I wanted. It is the same, "canned response" as I received to my Better Business Bureau complaint against these companies!

Here is a scanned copy of the actual company response. They don't even use letterhead, nor have they signed the response.
Concord Management LTD response to FL DBPR complaint
Concord Management LTD, representing Palm Coast Landing Senior Apartments,
Response to Complaint filed with Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
It was this latest reply from Concord Management that got me curious about other unhappy parties. I did a Google search on "concord management holding fee" and was quite surprised to see that other people have had unsatisfactory dealings with Concord Management!!

google search on concord management holding fee
Google Search on "concord management holding fee"
I can't begin to articulate what a surprise it was to find two blogs dedicated to Concord Management LTD and their questionable business practices. Check them out for yourself. Rather than me referencing all the other links and nuggets of information, you can judge for yourself.
  1. Concord Management Sucks
  2. Concord Management LTD
It seems that Concord Management goes back years in keeping people's monies, claiming them to be holding fees. I found a ripoff report from February 5, 2008

I really wished that I had done my due diligence and researched Concord Management LTD before I drove to Palm Coast to see the Palm Coast Landing Senior Apartments. According to one of the blog posts from those other bloggers, Concord Spends a lot of time in Courts.

Read more about MY personal experience from my three blog posts along with the ripoff report:
  1. Palm Coast Landing Senior Apartments
  2. Palm Coast Landing Senior Apartments BBB Complaint
  3. Seniors vs Crime in Florida
  4. Palm Coast Landing Senior Apartments Ripoff Report
My story? On May 7, 2015, I drove to Palm Coast and did complete an application. I was asked to write two checks - $75 for the application fee and $350 towards the deposit of $600. I knew nothing about holding fees at that point. Take a look at my cancelled check. It shows a deposit date of May 11, 2015 - that is 4 days after my application. It was cashed well before my application was processed. Also note the "DEP. ($600.00)" in the memo area. I cancelled on May 15, 2015; within a short time after sending my cancellation email, I got a reply email saying I was JUST APPROVED and that was when I learned that my $350 was in jeopardy of not being refunded. Why was my check cashed before approval??

Cancelled Check to Palm Coast Landing Senior Apartments
Cancelled Check to Palm Coast Landing Senior Apartments
$350.00 - Check written May 7, 2015 and cashed May 11, 2015
I can't help but say that this gives me a sinking feeling that my outcome will not be a good one! That is, the quite contrary experience with them will now cost me $425. That's $75 for the application and $350 for the non-refundable holding fee. That sucks!!!


Kate said...

Hi Julie
So glad I came across your blog as I was searching for the application for Palm Coast Landing. I spoke with Alexis last week and she said the deposit is applied to the first months rent.... nothing about what happened to it if your application was declined.
Curious as to how you made out with your compliant.


Julie Ann Brady said...

Hi Kate, glad you found my blog post and that it was helpful. I worked with the Jacksonville area Seniors vs. Crime and since I've relocated to a retirement community in Leesburg, I've not established a connection with them here. At last interaction with them, it was strongly suggested that I hire an attorney. I am of the thinking it would have to be a class-action lawsuit.

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