Friday, February 22, 2013

Chicken Red Curry Spice Meter

Ah, chicken red curry! How hot do you like yours? Have you registered your vote yet? I've shared my tasty recipe for Chicken Red Curry : Done Thai Style that's easy and quick to make. It is my best chicken red curry recipe as it tastes just like the curry we get in our Thai restaurant, if not better!

Today, I am sharing the Spice Meter ... in which readers get to tell us how hot they like it!

How hot do you like your curry? Why not take a moment to drop by and sample some. It's interesting that I was not a spring chicken when I tasted this dish for the first time. Living in Atlanta, a lot of years ago, our office staff went to a local Thai restaurant for lunch. That was my first taste of Thai food. I picked something that was a little too hot.

Then, fast forward to living in Jacksonville, Florida. I was actually in my 50s when I started to crave a taste of Thai food. At first, I gravitated to the green curries. My now ex hubby was always trying the red. One day, I got creative and tried what he was having. Folks! That was the start of a love affair with this dish. Too bad the love affair with the hubby had to end.

Chicken Red Curry Spicy Meter : How HOT Do You Like Your Curry?

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