Friday, December 04, 2009

Something that my cousin Cindy in Ohio sent me today!

You know the internet surely does beat out snail mail any and every day, don't you think? After all, the email that I got from my cousin Cindy up in Ohio surely would be lost in translation of a letter. You see, it looked really cool in my email with the animation of snow to set the mood and the story. Thanks Cindy for sending me that smiley today.

I think this is pretty funny. Please pardon the not really G-rated word she had to use to tell the story. I get it! Do you? Waving a special "Hi!" to my brother Paul up there in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Why? Well, simple! I can SO see my brother and this story. Here it is!!!! [Editor's comment: I retyped the message as it was in all caps. Although it is worthy of all caps, here it is in sentence case. Enjoy!]

98% of Americans say "Oh Shit" before
going in the ditch of a slippery road.

The other 2% are from Ohio and they say,
"Hold my beer and watch this!"


Unknown said...

Yes, remembering the good old winter days in Ohio is still able to cause the hair on my neck to rise. Did do a skid into a ditch while going east on Hwy 10 in Cleveland in my sporty Firebird, so been there, done that. It's raining here today in Florida but its 70 degrees and no forecast of snow in the future. I'm in the Cat Bird Seat where winter is concerned and smiling.

Julie Ann Brady said...

Ah yes indeed that sporty yellow Firebird ... Seems as though I too recall an occasion driving on the Shoreway in Cleveland, Ohio and skidding off the road in that sporty car! Say, thanks to the power of the internet and this here blog post, I also heard from cousin David, the violinist, today! Hi David!!!

Cheryl Kohan said...

That's pretty funny!!! I will be forwarding that on! I think people from Ohio are related to people from Minnesota in that respect. BTW, I love the's beautiful.

Jeff Wendland said...

That is pretty funny. FYI, to save time on rewriting all caps, in microsoft office, there is the little button that has an "Aa" on it just to the left of the highlight button. That can be a real time saver for changing letter cases.

Julie Ann Brady said...

Well yes indeed my dear Cheryl -- I had heard the VERY same thing! That is, that people first migrated from the old country into Pennsylvania, near Allegheny County and Pittsburgh.

From there, they venture out to give Cleveland, Ohio a try. Some established roots and stayed there, perhaps working at the West Side Market -- like my grandma Julia Nagy!

BUT! Some brave souls were heard to say, "We are going to give Minnesota a try ... we like cheese!" And those brave souls ventured on to Minnesota ... and that my dear has made all the difference!

Julie Ann Brady said...

Ah, my dear boy Jeff! Or was that "Aa!" Where have you been all my life? You know any kind of time-saver that I find, I can and do use. Provided I can remember what it was when it comes time to "use it." I thank you, my mother thanks you, my hubby thanks you! ;)

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