Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Sequence of Events -- well shoot already -- Stop the Insanity!

Yes, for it is a sequence of events that has produced a snowball effect to give me pause and want to holler out that back window, Stop the Insanity ... PLEASE!!!

I know you've probably seen those stress factor numbers where you can assess the stresses in your life with scores that you add up and arrive at a total. If that total falls into a certain range, well you are more likely to be impacted by all that stress. You know it's rather like cholesterol. There is good cholesterol and then there is bad cholesterol. You need a professional to help you understand and sort it out and take measures to rectify it! I'm not a doctor, but hubby thinks he is.

I am certainly glad to see that after losing some 45% on 401k investments, that there seems to be some recovery going on. Heck, the last quarter's envelope remained unopened for weeks! Then, I summoned up the courage to open my 401k statement and was more than a little surprised to actually see a positive figure. A long ways from getting back that nearly half loss on paper.

It was probably the lack of value that I was able to produce for my 401k that contributed to me not qualifying for a FAVORABLE interest rate for that secured loan which was for less than the amount of money that I had in savings in my bank of OVER 16 years. Yes, I had been with this high-profile bank with multiple accounts for over 16 years. Can't remember the last time I asked them for a loan. But, never previously did I actually HAVE the money secured in a bank to want to borrow against. Well, I told that there bank that they could keep the 10.5% interest rate for a secured loan, especially when they weren't even giving me 0.25% on the secured savings. Yesterday, I went in to chat with the cute loan guy. I told him it was pretty disappointing first that the rate STUNK and then the fact that he sent me a letter telling me the bank turned me down. Huh? I said I wouldn't take the loan at 10.5% and then I got the letter that the bank declined my loan. Oh, the cute loan guy said that was simply a form letter. Ha, WRONG form letter to send. "I am closing both my accounts and would like a cashier's check please."

You know, I've got some friends which I've shared our difficulties or shall I say challenges with our tenants! You know, those that have relied on the charity of my dear old hubby to NOT pay rent for over a year. I personally don't know how it has gotten that bad. We are talking over $15,000 that is owed to us for rent. This is so hard to take when lensmasters rely on declining monthly Squidoo royalties too to help offset those bills. So, when our second tenant defaulted on rent, OMG!!! I think I wanted to seriously flip my wig. Did you not hear what I said? Stop the Insanity ... PLEASE, PLEASE!!

For those of you out there who have been kind enough to offer up understanding for our Pug the Cat, thank you! Lately, we have been seeing that Pug is going backwards with her improvement from vestibular disease. I had no idea that this disease would take such a toll on a cat. It makes me think she has a more serious condition than the vet realized. Hubby calls her our CK, crooked kitty. Today, she has gotten more timid, cautious and afraid and is often hiding behind the sofa for no apparent reason. I just can't fathom the thought of putting her to sleep. Hubby is perplexed as Pug was the boldest of all the stray cats we manage.

So, had you heard of the water oak tree that fell over one day without warning? Can you believe that? Our tenant had his white work van parked in front of the tree; oh, it was totalled! No insurance. The totalled van is still on the property. The cement contractor has offered to cut it in four pieces to haul off -- we are hopeful that the tenant will accept that offer. This past Saturday, I got to see the property after the event! OMG. What a mess. Previously to that fallen tree, it was looking like the tenant would be moving. Don't know when that might happen now since the van is out of commission.

Did you know that we were one of the early adopters with the Nissan Murano in our community? Yep, we just finished off our second lease -- 6 years driving one of them. Well, hubby has been looking for several weeks for a replacement vehicle -- this time he wanted to actually buy the SUV rather than lease it. So, we put a lot of thought into what type of SUV would be the next one. Last Saturday, we spent 6 hours in the local Ford dealer showroom. 6 hours that I could have spent making a $1/hour working on Squidoo lenses you all. ;)

At 4pm EST Saturday, we drove off the lot with our brand new limited edition Ford Edge in a white platinum -- pearl like finish. It was the first special car that we have owned. So special, that there is a paint finish package included in the price to protect that pearl paint job you know!

SOooooooo ... Monday ... not 48 hours mind you after taking possession of that Edge ... hubby calls me from work to tell me that he needs to 'warn' me of something. "OMG, you didn't have an accident in that new car did YOU???" I calmly asked. "Ah, no," says hubby. "You see the weed whacker guy [name removed to protect his identity], was weed whacking the property. His wife told him to stay away from the cars. But he didn't. He broke the back window. Oh, don't worry, he probably didn't put too many pits into that paint job!"

Whew! Well, I will stop now with all this insanity because there is more, but I don't want to share -- some of it is way too personal. You don't need to know everything. But, just to know that this sequence of events is a partial list. For me, though, it is enough. I hope I don't lose any of my friends, buddies, and chums -- I think I can count you on more than just my hands and toes. Thank you for being there for me to offer understanding and compassion. I value our friendship.

Stop the Insanity ... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!

P.S. Thank you friends, buddies, chums for allowing me to vent today! It seems that it is always something. You know?


Julie Ann Brady said...

As a follow-up to this "stop the insanity" post it is noticed that life can and definitely IS more stranger than FICTION. I have only confided in a few of my "friends" about the latest sequence of events. Stranger and fiction and not suitable for public consumption!

Sometimes LESS is indeed MORE.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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