Monday, January 19, 2009

A Poem Miracle On The Hudson Flight 1549

A Poem -- Miracle On The Hudson - Flight 1549

... And Today I Said: Enough!
Enough News About Hatred And Greed.
I'll Send You Someone Whom You Desperately Need.
I'll Give You A Hero, A Man Who Can Fly.
His Family Of Travelers Will Number 155.

The Day Will Be Wintry And The Water, Ice Cold.
Before The Night Falls, A Miracle Will Be Told.
This City Of Heroes Will Once Again Save
Their Sisters And Brothers From A Watery Grave.

I'll Send My Earth Angels To Show To The World
That I Do Bless America. I Do Keep My Word.
Can Anyone Doubt My Love For You All?
I Heard Your Prayers And
I Heard Your Call.

In Your Beautiful City Where The Twin Towers Fell
You Suffered, My Children. You Witnessed Pure Hell.
You Needed A Sign And The Sign Is Of "Life"!
Away With Your Pain. Away With Your Strife.

I Meant For This Man To Be With You This Day--
To Show All Mankind That I Mean What I Say.
I Heard Him Plead "Oh God Don't Let Them Die".
His Prayer Was Answered When I Heard His Cry.

I Am With You, New York.
I Am With You My Children.
My Gift On This Day
Is A Brief Glimpse Of Heaven.

When You Think I'm Not With You
And You Cannot Go On.
Remember This Miracle
And Embrace A New Dawn.

I've Given You Heroes - You Know Who They Are.
They Light Up The Earth...Each One Is A Star.
Now All My Children, Who Today Have Been Saved,
Go Do Unto Others In Your Own Special Way.

I Shall Always Hold You
In The Palm Of My Hand.
I Love You, My Angels!!
I Bless This Great Land!

Your Loving Father.

Written by: Mary Ann Valentinetti.

my cousin Mary Ann Valentinetti and Vito Valentinetti

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