Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kindle Wireless Reader - Good News Bad News

By now you undoubtedly have heard the bad news in that the ever popular Amazon Kindle wireless reading device is sold out and on back order until maybe March 2009. Well, that's not good for all of you who had it on your wish list. Yep, I already have my Kindle, but I'm not selling it any time soon. So what to do?

Rest assured that Santa does not have the inside track to finding you that Kindle. But, there is a solution to your predicament. Good news? Why not consider the Sony Digital Book Reader! While it is NOT the Kindle, it does have some rather similar options. It's compact at approx. 7" x 5" x .3" and it holds enough eBooks, about 160, while weighing 9 ounces.

It comes in a few different colors like the popular blue or silver.

I'd suggest that you commit to your Sony purchase before you find that the Sony Digital Book Reader goes the route of the Amazon Kindle.

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