Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bernice Lady in a Lavender Hat Framed Art

I am pretty sure that this work of art is titled Bernice - that's what it looks like on the art. This work is an Artist Proof by an unknown artist. It is a hand signed and numbered limited edition serigraph. The serigraph itself measures approximately 24 inches wide by 18 inches high. The art is signed in pencil in the lower right hand corner; however, I can't make out the signature. See if you can identify this work of art.

Bernice - Lady in a Large Lavender Hat Framed Art
Bernice - Lady in a Large Lavender Hat Framed Art - Artist Proof
Bernice is a buxom brunette in a large lavender floppy hat. She might be wearing a deep yellow swimsuit or sundress. Bernice has a bright red scarf around her neck and is wearing matching red lipstick. There is a small beauty mark or mole above her right lip. The seller listed this serigraph as Woman with Hat in Contemporary Art (1950-Now).

This work was acquired from an eBay auction on June 17, 2002. The seller was smccollectibles in Agoura Hills, California who had a website I actually spoke with Carl at 818-878-0969 to confirm shipping information. I had this professionally framed soon after the acquisition. I picked the bold and vivid red matting to complement the colors of lavender, yellow, and red. I get a lot of compliments on this work of art and would sure love to know who painted it!

I have tried over the years to find more information about Bernice online, with no luck. Take a look at the signature and see if you can identify it for me. Upon consultation with an online peep, we seem to think that this signature looks like it could be "June Bug." That obviously wouldn't very likely be the actual name of the artist. But, we might be on the right track. Let us know what you think.

Artist Signature - Bernice - Lady in a Large Lavender Hat Framed Art
Artist Signature - Bernice - Lady in a Large Lavender Hat Framed Art
Please let me know if you know of this work or this artist. I'd also love to know more about Bernice!

Who is Bernice?

P.S. Searching around Google to see if there is a real-life Bernice who could have been the subject of this art, we came upon Bernice de Pasquali. Her real name was Bernice James. She was a soprano opera singer from Boston, Massachusetts. You can find a little information about her from Forgotten Opera Singers. The Project Gutenberg eBook of Great Singers on the Art of Singing has a tribute to her along with a photo that surely looks like she could have been the subject of this art. Also check the photo for Bernice on her find a grave listing, December 7, 1873 - April 3, 1925.

Welcome to the Bernice Art Club!

September 4, 2015 : Today I found a number of hidden "other" private messages on Facebook and took time to scan each of them to see what was spam and what were legitimate messages. I came upon one from a fellow art collector, Chet Yoakum from Gulfport, Florida. Like me, Chet is retired, has good taste in art, and also acquired Bernice from an eBay auction listing! It is a good bet that we got it from the same seller.

Chet sent me a private message on June 14, 2014, "Good Morning: Are you the Julie that was trying to track down the name of the artist that painted BERNICE, the lady in the floppy purple hat? Thanks, Chet Yoakum in Tampa." Gosh, it only took me a year and 3 months to find his PM and respond. Thanks Facebook!!

Bernice - Lady in a Large Lavender Hat Framed Art
Bernice - Lady in a Large Lavender Hat Framed Art
Art Print owned by Chet Yoakum
I asked Chet for permission to share his info and also the photo of how he framed his Bernice. What's interesting is that his signed copy of Bernice states that it is also an "Artist Proof." I love how he used a bold yellow mat with the bright red framing the art print. I opted for the bright, bold red for my matting as you can see up above.

Chet found me on Facebook in his search to find the artist who painted Bernice. He didn't know who the artist is, much like I don't know who the artist is. However! The two of us have now found each other and wonder how many other art collectors out there bought this artist proof from an eBay seller all those years ago ... and wanted to know who painted Bernice?? The mystery continues to this very day!